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Better UX workflow! COPY PASTE!! Better Library Info

Really need to be able to copy and paste columns or individual clips in DASHBOARD.

I spent 20hrs straight programming a show last Sunday when a lot of what I was doing was the exact same process. If I could have copied a column (or a selection of columns) and pasted it further down the show I would have saved HOURS.


Better Library function/information

- More statistics (ie codec, file size, the amount of times a clip is used in the project)


-"REVEAL CLIP IN LIBRARY" - same function as in After Effects. The ability to select a clip in the timeline/dashboard and reveal which clip it is in the library. Great function once you have 100s of files in the project

- Set default loop mode for individual clips.
would be awesome to select a clip in the library and set it's default loop mode separate to other clips loop modes. Saves having to set it ever time you bring it in (i'm using some clips 20 times in a project and it's time-consuming having to set each one separately plus there is more chance of mistakes happening if i forget to change one clip)

We are really enjoying the new version of Millumin and are encouraging a lot of the AV companies we work with to move to Millumin2 for PVP but some of these features would greatly improve its usability

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  • Philip Hamilton commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Which part is planned?

    See previous suggestion from Philip Hamilton shared this idea · January 24, 2015
    "Copy and paste, select and drag, a column or group of columns"
    64 votes

    Needs to be done in version one too.

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