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Specify transition time when recalling column using OSC message

Specify transition time when recalling column using OSC message:

The idea is to be able to transition to a column in a specific amount of time when using a external cue manager.

This can be expressed by this articulation:

Transition to [ COLUMN_NAME ] in [ TIME_MS ] milliseconds.

This way, a stage manager could manage a OSC Cue in his qlab for instance that does ' transition to "column_1_blackout" in 10000 ' and 'transition to "column_2" in 5000' and still be able to change this time value without having to interfere in the Millumin composition.

The simplest way to integrate it on message side could be to add a float at the end of the recall message as following.

/millumin/action/launchColumn "column_1" 5000

The time value does not have to change the transition time in the Millumin set, it should only trigger a temporary transition time used once. If no time value is sent in the message, Millumin should fall back to the set specify transition value.

The particular use case where this needed emerged is on a theatre show where Millumin is used to compose the different video scene and a Qlab is used to recall these columns alongside other parameters and timing ajustements.

This way, a Millumin set could have only a empty column (blackout) in the first column and populated column in 2, 3, [...], n .
The qlab could recall non-sequencialy the different column with different timing value and this way skip the redundancy that is needed for some use case (particularly; blackout);

for example :
/millumin/action/launchColumn "column_1_blackout" 0 /*start on column 1, in 0 ms (skipping the transition time) */
/millumin/action/launchColumn "column_2_scene_intro" 5000 /* transition to column 2 in 5000 ms */
/millumin/action/launchColumn "column_3_scene_outro" /* transition time default to what is in the Millumin set because time is not specified in the OSC message */
/millumin/action/launchColumn "column_1_blackout" 10000 /* fade back to 1, in 10000 ms */

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